So, what is branding anyway?

So what is branding anyway?

Let me be clear: Your brand is not your logo.

It’s also not your website, or you the manner in which speak – what you say and how you say it, in-person and online, or even the visuals that you use on social media.

These make up your BRAND ASSETS, the tangible manifestations of your branding. But they aren’t your brand specifically.

But then, what is branding?

Branding is the EXPERIENCE that a client or customer has when they come into contact with your business. Branding is the intangible feeling that the sum all your brand assets collectively create.

The problem is we mistake our brand assets for branding itself. We forget to think bigger about our brand, like what feelings our brand should be creating in our clients and customers with every brand experience.

But why does branding matter?

Branding is about connecting to your audience. If you want to connect with people who actually want what you’re selling, you’ve got to understand how they’re feeling when they engage with your brand – or how they want to feel. Then use your branding to help illicit these feelings.

It’s also important that you communicate your big WHY – people connect with WHY you do what you do and WHY you are passionate about what you do –  not just the list of services you offer (if you get my drift).

So where do you start?

At D and Co, we always start in the same place with a brand: Define those desired feelings you want to illicit in your ideal customer. Literally. Define the three words that embody how your brand should make your ideal clients and customers feel. And, remember: it’s not about how you want them to feel; it’s about how they want to feel. Start there, and everything you create for your business will make magic.

If you need some guidance or a professional opinion on your current branding, contact us for a review session where we can do a brand audit and make recommendations to help you grow. The team at D and Co Studio are here for you every step of the way.