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In Ancient Norse Mythology, AEGIR (pronounced Eye-Gear), was the God of the Sea. 

He is the embodiment of the power of the ocean. The brand name Aegir Ketill pays homage to this mythological figure and forms the foundation for the brand story behind the manufacture of their high quality stainless steel water bottles.

Aegir Ketill is a small company on a big mission. Concerned by the 1.5 billion plastic bottles purchased every day worldwide and the damaging effect this has on the environment, they created a nontoxic solution to single-use plastic water bottles. Aegir Ketill’s water bottle utilise 18/8 (food grade) stainless steel and are BPA free, presenting consumers with an environmentally friendly, durable alternative.

Aegir Ketill approached D&Co to create the brand behind their product. The end result was the personification of Aegir as their logo mark, supported with a vibrant colour palette and customised typography.

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