Let’s get into Brand Position

There’s more than one kind of brand position. The first is the position where your brand sits in the marketplace. That’s the common understanding of a brand position, but there is a more important one, and that is which position your brand takes in the mind of the customer. Are you number one in your field? Are you the first choice in your local area? If not, why not?

Defining your Position

Put simply, your position explains where you sit on a wide range of consumer ladders. It communicates your specific value as a brand. You might be selling high-end luxury goods, reputable value with reliable quality, or the cheap as chips budget option. Maybe you’re all about offering a quick turnaround for convenience, or you want to distinguish yourselves as a model of focused customer service. Your positioning should explain who your brand helps, what it helps with, the outcome, experience or solution and your main point of difference.

To work out your unique brand position, try filling in the greys.

{Brand} provides/offers/sells {service-product} for {yourcustomer} looking for/wanting to/needing {experience-outcome-solution} with/through {pointofdifference}.

Need an example? Here’s how ours looks.

{D&Co Studio} provides {exceptional brand strategy and design solutions} for {growing businesses} looking to {bring their brand to life} through {creative ingenuity}.

The 5 Most Common Positioning Strategies

There is no one-size-fits all, but the following five positioning strategies are the most common. You might even find that a combination of two-or-three are applicable to your business.

1. Customer Service

This strategy works for businesses who aim to offer heightened customer service as a key attraction. This can justify a higher price point.

2. Convenience

If there is a service you can offer that makes your customer’s lives easier, a convenience strategy could fit your position.

3. Price-Based

A classic strategy that promises your customers great value for money – something they can rarely refuse.

4. Quality-Based

If you can guarantee – and become known for – quality above all things, customers will be happy to pay a premium.

5. Differentiation

You may have a key element in your brand that makes you stand out. This strategy ensures you sell that point of difference.

Improving your Position

Once you’ve defined your position, how do you move it so you sit at number one in your field or category? If you offer a service or product that is truly unique, you may find yourself in top position in nearly no time at all. For most brands however, building up your brand to sit at the top of the pile takes time and customer awareness. This is where a heady combination of brand strategy and marketing should start working together to boost your brand profile. Here’s a few of our go-to brand boosting techniques:

Stay Strong

If you’ve developed a strong brand identity, don’t stray from the path. Make sure every communication touchpoint from your call centre staff to your social media posts reflect and support your brand promise. Brand consistency translates into brand recognisability, and the more people that recognise and identify with your brand, the more custom you’ll receive.

Stay Active

When you’re excited about building your brand profile, it can be discouraging to receive just a handful of likes on each social media post. Remember, no activity is pointless. Staying active through marketing and advertising is vital for attracting fresh customers and creating brand awareness. The results may not be apparent immediately, but maintaining your enthusiasm – and marketing activities – will bring plentiful customers in good time.

Share Stories

There are two ways to present information. You can present the information in factual form, or you can tell a story that gets remembered. Your brand stories are there to be shared and you have more than you think. Give people a glimpse behind the scenes, utilise micro-content, create themed narratives, highlight great feedback and be confident with emotive and relatable language. Stories are the answer to generating emotional brand bonds – and devotion – from your customer.

Want to know more about branding?

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