How your Geelong business benefits from a Geelong branding agency

If you’re a local Geelong business owner looking for branding expertise, then choosing a local agency such as D&Co Studio will be beneficial for your business. Why? Because while we have a sophisticated business community, the market landscape is different down here. Plus, a design agency that wants the best for you and the community means a better result for everyone.

D&Co Studio was my brainchild. I was looking for something exciting to do, something I was truly passionate about. It all started in 2010 when I realised there were so many businesses in Geelong that would benefit from branding expertise. While I started as a single operator, growing to an agency took me by surprise.

I’m a very family-oriented person and I love my community. One of the attractions of staying local was being able to give back to the businesses that I know and already have relationships with. While competitors have placed themselves in the busy Melbourne CBD, I wouldn’t move from Geelong. There are a lot of great local businesses that want and need expert creative talent dedicated to crafting effective brand solutions.

Getting into the spirit

Working in beautiful Geelong, you’re supported and surrounded by like-minded people and even through COVID, there has been a network of people giving each other support. Geelong might be a city, but it has an unrivalled sense of community spirit.

I want to help Geelong businesses achieve their dreams, so my focus is on how best I can help, rather than who I can help. It would be great to one day be recognised as the go-to experts for branding and advertising assets – not just in Geelong but across Australia.

Building Local Brand Loyalty

Thanks to the unending growth of social and digital media resulting in more direct interaction with customers, brands must continually seek to improve the customer experience. 

Most people want to engage with brands on their preferred platform in real-time, so they’ll go online, post a review, talk about your brand or ask for help through social media. It’s becoming extremely important to have a constant presence on social platforms.

At D&Co Studio we work with local clients to build a brand that not only resonates with your target market but one that nurtures engaging brand storytelling to build that loyal customer base with reactive followers.

Every business wants loyal customers. A brand is essentially the sum of all of your customers’ experiences and the impression you leave at every touchpoint. With a clear brand strategy, you can make sure your output is consistent in its language and theme. 

Ask Your Local Agency

If you’re looking for an effective brand strategy by a Geelong agency for your Geelong business, schedule a discovery meeting with D&Co Studio. Chat to us today by calling 03 5292 2073.