How does great logo design create an effective brand identity? 

If you want to create an accurate brand identity for your business, a professionally designed logo is essential to your success. At D&Co Studio, logo development and design is a key part of our brand strategy services. We’ve implemented a comprehensive creative process to ensure your logo design is a relevant and recognisable representation of your brand.

What is a logo’s purpose?

A logo is the visual representation of your business designed to drive brand recognition and awareness. It is a reflection of your service that symbolises ownership and creates a point of difference. It should be relevant to your service offering and help you stand out against your competitors. As an example, look at famous brand rivals Coca Cola and PepsiCo. They sell almost the exact same product, but their individual logos create such a strong point of difference that consumers can be visually swayed to a favourite (at least PepsiCo hopes so).

Logos don’t just define your brand through colours and symbols – they help tell your brand story. Brand stories offer an effective method of connecting and resonating with customers through relatable narratives. Take one of Australia’s most famous brands, Qantas. Their unmistakable red kangaroo represents Australians “jumping” around the world through our national air travel provider. It invites Australians and potential tourists to fly with the promise of friendly Aussie hospitality and safe passage. If you want to find your brand story, D&Co Studio can help.

So what makes a great logo?

Logos may appear to be the simplest part of your branding, but they can actually be the most challenging. This symbol is going to represent your business in the long term, so getting it right should form part of a considered brand strategy process. When designing a logo at D&Co Studio, we consider the five following characteristics as critical elements in effective logo design.


Having a simplistic logo design is preferable for numerous reasons. People spend very short periods of time ingesting brand information. Whether it’s scrolling on a phone or driving by a billboard, you only have about three seconds to catch a customer’s attention. A simple and concise logo design that is easily remembered will increase your brand recognition.

The other reason for design simplicity? It should be replicable. A good rule of thumb is that your customer should be able to quickly sketch it after seeing it for just ten seconds. It also needs to be replicable across other assets within your brand such as marketing materials, website design and advertisements that all have different sizes. It should be easy to identify even on a small scale.


A logo needs to be remembered to be effective. A highly recognisable logo differentiates from the competition and can be recalled time and time again. It allows customers to make the connection between the industry you service and the product you sell. By creating a strong logo, your customers will develop trust in your brand and be more open to communications. One of the most effective and memorable logos in the world is McDonald’s golden arches. You can go anywhere in the world, see that logo and know what it represents.


A logo needs to be timeless, not on-trend. Trends come and go as quickly as the weather changes in Melbourne. Constant redesigns of a logo will often lead to customer dissociation and a lot of confusion. By being timeless, you can remain relevant and memorable for years. It’s better to stand the test of time than to be considered cool for a moment. Many of the top brands in the world have updated their logos, but haven’t changed them drastically. In fact, Coca Cola hasn’t changed their logo since 1885.

Another point to consider is how your industry will evolve. Take technology for example – we started out with brick phones and box computers. Now, we have slimline laptops and endless data plans. One company that is timeless in the tech industry is Apple. The name doesn’t scream technology, but everyone knows Apple is a leader in computer and smartphone development. Their logo hasn’t changed much over the years, but it has evolved to reflect modern technology.


As a brand logo is used in multiple places, it needs to be versatile. Logos get placed on websites, business cards, social media profiles, advertisements, stationery and more. As each platform has different dimensions and specifications, you don’t want your logo to be skewed or unrecognisable. Here’s a few things we consider when designing a logo so our clients benefit from complete brand consistency no matter the application.

  • Will the logo still work if printed in one colour or mono?
  • Will the logo need to be reversed out?
  • How big will the logo be blown up?
  • Is it still recognisable when reduced down?
  • Have we addressed all possible applications in the style guide?

At D&Co Studio, we think it’s a good idea to focus on the shape and concept of a logo before considering colour. This way you can create a strong logo that is simple, memorable, timeless and versatile. The addition of colour will then seal your brand identity.


Your logo must be an accurate representation of your brand. It should be visually relevant to both your business and industry for clear brand communication. You want your customers to not only recognise it but eventually, relate to it. At D&Co Studio, we perform substantial market research before beginning the design process. This ensures the development of a logo that is an accurate representation of your business, as well as a visual presence that stands out in the market. A logo is a key factor in bringing your brand to life, so relevance for your audience is non-negotiable.

Create a great logo with D&Co Studio

At D&Co Studio, we are a branding and design team committed to creating strong brand identities. Through our comprehensive brand strategy process, we work closely with you and your marketing team to develop a relevant, recognisable logo that resonates with your target audience. If you are looking to develop a brand for your business, or you’re in the market for a brand refresh, get in touch with D&Co Studio today.