Good Branding vs. Bad Branding and why it matters

Branding is more than a logo. It’s more than a website. It’s more than a business card. It’s more than the colours and typefaces you choose to represent your business.

Branding is the feeling that accompanies every interaction a person has with your company. It’s the impression you leave with a customer every time they visit a store, talk to a representative or use a product.

Most business owners and entrepreneurs go to market not with a brand, but with a business idea. Having an idea is not enough to win and keep customers, especially in today’s competitive market.

Here are the key qualities that distinguish a good brand from a not-so-great one:

A great brand delivers a consistent experience:

One of the most important factors when it comes to branding success is consistency. Through recognisable repetition, your customers will be able to easily recall your brand over time and will shop for it without necessarily being prompted to do so. Any deviation away from your brand could compromise that experience and derail your customer’s positive brand association.

Good brands represent themselves consistently across all mediums and platforms. Poor branding does not invest in brand-building consistency, opting to sell products rather than establish a memorable and reputable image. This costs them customers in the short and long term.

If you change the look and the feel of your brand too often, this will evoke distrust in your customers. People trust continuity over change. If you deliver a consistent experience across all touchpoints, your ideal customer will look to you as a brand they can rely on to deliver the outcomes they rely on.

A great brand knows what they stand for:

Your brand values should be at the heart of everything you do. Your brand values are the guiding principles for why your brand exists and the reason why its existence is important in the eyes of your customers and clients. A great brand knows what it stands for and what it values and upholds these values at every opportunity.

If you are unsure or confused about what your brand stands for and the purpose it serves, it will come across in your branding. Without strong values to inspire your brand image, it may appear unclear, forgettable or ‘same same’.

A great brand is timeless and not a slave to trends:

Everything about a brand should be simple enough that there is no ambiguity as to how the brand is perceived in the marketplace.

In addition, your brand shouldn’t be a slave to trends that might be popular in your industry. Applying a trend as the visual basis for your brand, whilst it might make sense in the current marketplace, will only mean that you will need to rebrand in future.

Trends are defined as the latest “in” thing which means that they may not be relevant or reflective of what your brand is about 10 years down the track.

Keep the message you are trying to convey as simple as possible and true to your brand’s foundational principles and values. If a brand message is too hard to figure out, your potential customers could overlook you, and that means a missed opportunity to engage with your ideal audience.

A great brand is customer-centric

Emotional connections are the heart and soul of business. At the end of the day, you’re dealing with people. It’s really important that you know who you are targeting in your marketplace and seek to reach that audience with messages that resonate.

Being customer-centric is about understanding your customer’s needs and interests. It is about prioritising your customer’s needs using a blend of intuition and informed marketing data about customer behavior.

Innovative brands are always looking for ways to better serve their customers and improve their product offering. They are problem solvers and never rest on their past legacy.

When you put your customer at the centre of everything you do, you will organically increase customer retention, loyalty and brand recognition. Truly championing the needs of your customers will breed a feeling of true familiarity and generate trust over the long term.

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