Branding vs Marketing: A Simple Guide to Telling the Difference.

Overwhelmed by advertising jargon? You’re not alone. Seeing a brand come to life through marketing should be an enjoyable part of running a business – not a confusing one.

Here’s a few simple ways to help you remember the difference between branding and marketing.

Branding is Identity. Marketing is Communication.

Branding is your identity. It is the why of your existence and the values you stand for.

Your brand is the recognisable face and voice of your business. It isn’t just the name you choose or the colours of your logo, but the experience your customer has during every interaction and at every point of contact.

Marketing is about communication. It is how you take your brand to market. Your marketing strategy determines the methods you use to connect with your intended audience. It is how you decide when, and where, to advertise your brand.

Branding is the Cargo. Marketing is the Vehicle.

So, you’ve developed a great brand. It’s simple, powerful and ready to roll out. You’ve painted the logo on the side and you’ve loaded up the goods. The website is up and ready to launch. Now, marketing needs to get in the driver’s seat.

Marketing is there to deliver your brand message, but before pressing send, it determines where your potential customers are waiting. Are they on Facebook, Insta, TikTok or all three? Are they watching Free to Air TV or streaming on Netflix? What newspaper is your customer reading, and when are they reading it?

An effective marketing strategy will answer these questions and deliver your brand message to its target demographic at the optimum time. This is crucial when it comes to getting the best return for your precious advertising dollar.

Marketing Directs. Brands Perform.

Any audience will get tired of seeing the same thing over and over. Even though some of the strongest brands in the world like Nike, M&M’s and De Beers have had the same motto since inception, their marketing tactics continue to evolve and modernise for maximum engagement.

It is the purpose of marketing to keep your brand performing in front of both existing and new audiences because even the most successful brands need to attract new customers.

An effective marketing team should always be on the hunt for fresh advertising opportunities and be across the latest mediums and platforms.

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